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“bikeyaking” in the Center of Bulgaria


Balkan Mountain – lake Koprinka.
Tent camp on the shores of lake Koprinka.


July to September.
Any time or day off, as convenient for you. Groups of minimum 6 people.WHAT:
Day 1: Mountain biking: - peak Buzludzha – peak Bedek – mountain hostel Bulgarka – train station Krustetz – village Borovshtitsa – village Raduntsi – village Dubovo, 50 km (up to 6 hours of moderate effort, picturesque scenery, rest time, long ride downhills).

Day 2: Kayaking in the lake – lake Koprinka – the island – the Fiord – site of “Sunny Beach” – lunch – back to the camp (up to 4-5 hours, the route passesround part of the lake).

What should I take along:

1. Sleeping back (it can also be provided).
2. Wind and water proof jacket.
3. Towel, bathing suite, sandals.
4. Insect repellent. Sun-block/sun-screen cream.
5. Hats: summer and winter hats (it may get cold in the mountains).
6. Pair of gloves.
7. Back-pack (ruck-sack).