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Children’s adventure camp “Little Capercaillie

If you are at the age of 9 to 14 and you are anxious to find new friends;
If you want to learn how to kayak and ride a bike out of the city;
To survive in the wild nature,
If you want to experience something new and unforgettable…
… Just join us at Beglik Dam – wild Rhodopes.


 July 2013
 August 2013


Ggolyam Beglik Dam – in the heart of the Rhodopes


Adventure school amid the nature:
Practical training in kayaking and safe mountain biking
How to survive if we are alone in the nature.
With lots of outdoor entertainments, games, cheerful and happy week amid new friend.
Certification for “went through” camp.
T-shirr and a small keepsake gift.


including transportation to and from the Dam.
without transportation

The price includes: experienced instructors, food, specialized camping equipment, insurance.


Qualified instructors with rich experience in Bulgaria and abroad.


We expect to see girls and boys at the age between 9 and 14, who love nature and long for new adventures and gaining new skills.


Camp by the dam

If you wish to contact us:

0886 58 66 86 – Milena Stoycheva
0895 69 15 07 – Vasko Florov

Please, contact us no later than 04 August 2009
We are anxious to see you at the “House of Books and Adventures”