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A complex variety of needs makes people go back to their natural evironment of living – Nature. A theory exists that people turn to (extreme sports) Nature in order to escape from the negative stress from life in the city. Extreme sports provoke stress, too, however, it is a positive and healthy stress. Evolution has developed in the man-hunter  skills which help man overcome this stress. As a matter of fact, a person can seek for self-development by exposure to risk. This idea for self-development through risky experiences is imposed by the American psychologist A. Maslow. He states that human beings have all the same ground-level human needs (water, food, sleep, shelter, movement) and basic psychological needs (safety, communication, mutual help), but the latter are motivated by higher needs, which he calls metha-needs (self-development or self-realization).


The activities of the House for Books and Adventures aim at meeting the metha-needs of a person – our emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects – in many ways.


We are impressed, excited and we are taken by an inner sense of serenity, when we come back home after our latest adventure.