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Let’s look at the world and inside us form the “water” point of view.

We are powerless in front of nature’s elements but we can learn
how to use them without standing in their way.

We can just become a part of this element.
A human is a “pawn” in the raging river, but if they know their limits… 


28 may to 01 june  2012
25 to 30 june 2012

Kayak during the weekend:
If you don’t have time during the week.
Whole-day activities with whitewater kayak.
In two or three weekend you will be able to learn the all basics in paddling with whitewater kayak.
(minimum people required - 6)
Individual training: Possible with prearrangement.


Struma River, The Kresna Gorge
Direction: Sofia – Sandanski.
When you pass the towns of Dupnica, Blagoevgrad and Simitli you enter the Kresna Gorge of Struma River. 2 km after the "Kresnenski Hancheta" (4 motels on the left side of the road and a parking lot on the right) there is a right turn and a sign “ОЩАВА 12. Right after you turn there is a stone bridge over the river. 200m from the bridge is the “House of Books and Adventures” 


Whitewater kayak course.
Kayak (single-seat boat especially designed for fast-flowing water, the “motocross” in the whitewater)
Gaining basic skills in kayaking.
Learning how to act during accidents in the fast-flowing water.
Self-rescue and rescue actions in case of accidents.
Camping by the river banks.


How to kayak downstream. 
How to “ride” the waves.
How to do it safely and reasonably.
How to work together with the river.


The price includes: Inside transportation, instructors, socialized camping equipment, insurance. 


Qualified instructors with rich experience in education of students with different background and level of experience in whitewater kayaking and behavior at accidents.


We expect to see girls and boys, who love nature and long for new adventures and gaining new skills.

If you wish to contact us:
0887 602 678  - Kiril Makarov
0888 139 435 – Vasil Florov