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Welcome to the kingdom of the wild water!
It is safe and possible with us!


Struma River, The Kresna Gorge

Direction: Sofia – Sandanski.
When you pass the towns of Dupnica, Blagoevgrad and Simitli you enter the Kresna Gorge of Struma River. 2 km after the Kresnenski Hancheta (4 motels on the left side of the road and a parking lot on the right) there is a right turn and a sign “OSHTAVA 12”. Right after you turn there is a stone bridge over the river. 200m after the bridge is the “House of Books and Adventures”


During the week or on the weekends
Start hours: 09:30/12:30/15:30.


Rafting course

We provide:
- Raft (inflatable 4, 6 seat boat);
- Specialized equipment (wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, paddle);
- Insurance;
- "Adrenalin in your bloodstream"
- Raft guide certified from the International Rafting Federation.

You provide:
- Courage;
- Bathing suit;
- T-shirt;
- Shoes (NOT flip-flops nor slippers), which will get wet!

If the group is lager:

Please, send a list with all the names and Personal Identification Number (EGN) for the insurance at mail.bah.bg@gmail.com


During the week: 60 BGN (with prearragement and a group of mimimum 6 people)
Weekends: 60 BGN